APOLLO M506 Masking Tape
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Apollo M506 Premium High Temperature Masking Tape 
Premium high temperature masking tape for paint masking application in the automotive and industrial markets where excellent holding and high temperature performance (up to 150°C/302°F) are required.
Temperature resistant of 150 degree Celsius up to 1 hour
Specially formulated rubber base pressure sensitive tape
Excellent tackiness with good adhesion and cohesion
Clean and residue free removall
Solvent Resistant
ROHS Compliance
Physical Properties
Adhesion to steel: 3.14N/cm (29 oz/in)
Thensile strength: 3.14N/cm (18 lbs/in)
Elongation at break: 8%
Total thickness: 0.145mm
Temperature resistence: Up to 150°C/302°F for 1 hour
Note: The above technical information and data are typical values only and should not be used for specification purposes.
Store under normal ambient conditions and 50% R.H. in the orginal carton. To keep away from the direct sunlight.
For spray painting applications requiring baking process in temperatures up to 150°C @ 1hour
Suitable for electronic industry in the usage of bandoleering, electroplating, and soldering

Available size
3/4'', 1'', 1 1/2'', 2''

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